Progress on Blood on the Coffin

JG Good Corporation

I’m proud to announce the creation of JG Good Corporation, which was established on 11/23/2022. More information on this Corporation will be coming in the following days along with appearances, podcasts, and other interviews. Follow me on Facebook page.

Book signing in Schaumburg

Thanks to everyone who bought my book, or stopped at my table to say hello. Schaumburg Township District Library is a beautiful place. It was fantastic to be part of the local author book event.

Halloween Tips from John

·     Verify the approved trick-or-treat hours mandated by the community  ·      Trick-or-treat in groups for safety ·      People will be out in disguise and wearing masks, and some will be wearing the same masks, so verify the identity of the people you are with  ·      Do not eat candy or treats until they get home ·      Examine all the candyContinue reading “Halloween Tips from John”

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