Halloween Tips from John

Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash.com

·     Verify the approved trick-or-treat hours mandated by the community 

·      Trick-or-treat in groups for safety

·      People will be out in disguise and wearing masks, and some will be wearing the same masks, so verify the identity of the people you are with 

·      Do not eat candy or treats until they get home

·      Examine all the candy your trick-or-treaters bring home to make sure they are not tampered with

·      Make sure that masks don’t impede vision

·      Don’t let kids go into anyone’s house

·      Don’t leave lit candles unattended

·      Leave your exterior lights on in the home if you are not home

·      Put your cars into the garage

·      Be sure to activate your ring tone camera to catch mischief makers

·      If your home is egged, toilet papered, or defaced, call the police – don’t engage with perpetrators

·      It’s best not to have real pumpkins outside of your house because they may get smashed and thrown at your house.  

·      Wear reflective costumes and shoes, and bring flashlights on the trick-or-treat route

·      Warn kids about darting across the street or between parked cars to get to houses

·      Drivers need to more alert – watch for distracted kids

·      Set a curfew for trick-or-treaters and agree on the duration of the trick-or-treating 

·      Leave pets at home – they can be confused by masks and costumes and may pose a biting or attack risk. They get scared at loud noises and strange situations.   

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